The United Arts Club is a Private Members’ Club.

Applicants for membership are proposed and seconded by two existing members. The application is made up of a completed application form, a cheque for the first year’s fees, and a letter of recommendation from the proposer. That usually includes information how long he or she has known the applicant and on his or her interest in the arts. After the application form has been on the Club’s notice board for 21 days, it is then considered by the Club Committee. Only if approved is the cheque for the application fee lodged.

Subscription rates include dining room levy.

Town Membership €450
Household (2 Persons) €600
Country Membership €370
Household (2 Persons) €550
Artist Membership €345
Household (2 Persons) €500
Overseas Membership €270
Household (2 Persons) €450
Town Senior €345
Household €500
Country Senior €290
Household €470
Overseas Senior €190
Household €370