Last Thursday 6th April 2017, we had the pleasure of a visit from the music legend Donovan.

Donovan was a dinner guest of Noelle Campbell Sharpe at the United Arts Club  after the opening of a joint  exhibition of his and his grand daughter artist Coco Sian beautiful artwork at her Origin Gallery

After dinner we enjoyed an impromptu session when Donovan sang his version of ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.  He  was moved to be singing in the room where his hero WB Yeats had held his farewell dinner to Ireland in 1939.

Donovan was then taken on a guided tour of the United Arts Club by Honorary Secretary Martin Lynch where he had the opportunity to view our wonderful art collection and also meet our chef Anthony O’Grady.

A Family Affair at the Origin

Donovan and Honorary Secretary Martin Lynch


Donovan meets United Arts Club Chef Anthony O’Grady

Artist Coco Sian and Friends at the United Arts Club